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The World of devji diamonds

Devji Diamonds is a division of Devji Group, a trusted name in the middle east jewellery business for over seven decades. An exclusive, state-of-the-art website that is set to revolutionise the way diamonds are sold to its discerning clients. With the help of this intuitive application designed by Devji Systems the clients can effortlessly choose the best match within seconds from a stock of more than 1 million certified diamonds.

With diamonds available in an endless combination of parameters like shape, size, colour, and price, and little or no understanding of these dynamics, a customer can find a diamond best fitting one’s requirement and budget, a rather daunting task. There also existed a gap in the GCC market where a customer’s best bet was to largely rely on what was being peddled to them by their local jeweller, leaving little or no room for a relaxed, easy, and thought through purchase with all options laid out clearly.

Coming at an opportune time when the online businesses are on the uptick, the platform aims to be a one-stop-online shop for those seeking to take their time to know, study and finally own the one sparkling diamond that speaks to their heart like no other.

Devji’s have always been a trendsetter when it comes to creating innovative ways to fulfil the aspirations of its clientele. With the launch of this website, the brand affirms its commitment towards providing a more transparent at-home or in-store experience where clients can easily look for options, find and buy their perfectly matched pieces at the right price.


Dev Sagar grandson of Shri Devji Ramji Sagar committed to this innovative project aims in providing a more transparent experience for the clients where one can directly search for the right diamond from over one million stones and buy their perfectly matched diamond at the right price.


The Website has over ten filters where the clients can choose the right match from over one million Certified Diamonds availble online.

The Devji Diamonds is a unique proprietary system that is a joint effort of group’s IT division Devji Systems, group’s diamond division - Devji Diamond Company and Studio Devji group’s Manufacturing division.

A fine cut diamond passes through several hands before the brilliance is unveiled. There are several key players in the diamond trade - the rough traders, the diamond manufacturers, the polished brokerage offices, and the regional trading offices. The diamond inventory lies in several such companies across the world, and they connect for business through both the traditional and modern systems.

The primary challenge of the trade is to identify manufacturers with high moral grounds and principles along with a dynamic and robust inventory management system. Clients on the other hand face more direct challenges like lack of information, quality, authenticity, right pricing etc. Dynamic Solitaires is designed and engineered to solve this problem. It manages a vast network of diamond inventory with over one million certified diamonds sourced ethically with zero tolerance on credibility and negotiated at the fairest price so that the benefit can be passed on to the end customers.

The second part of the system, which is to set the stone in jewelry, is equally important. Devji, with its legacy of craftsmanship and understanding of client aspiration, has designed an intuitive and smooth online experience where the clients can find the perfect match and become an integral part in crafting their own jewelry.