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Shipping Worldwide

Any purchase you make with Devji Diamonds will be shipped to your desired location anywhere in the world for no additional cost and as a standard, all our shipments are quick, secure, fully insured and absolutely free.

Free Lifetime Jewellery Warranty

It is natural that your jewellery pieces might require cleaning, polishing, minor adjustments or even repairs from time to time. Devji Diamonds’ ‘Free Lifetime Warranty’ enables our patrons to preserve their purchased jewels by ensuring services such as professional cleaning, minor repairs, minor adjustments and polishing. These exclusive services shall be provided by jewellery experts to our customers with no additional charges. With Devji Aurum’s ‘Free Lifetime Warranty’ scheme, our customers are always covered and we encourage you to stop in as often as you like to have your purchase cleaned and inspected.

Free Diamond Consultation

Begin the exciting journey of choosing your diamond through our complimentary appointment service. Devji Diamonds’ experts can assist you in selecting an engagement ring, personalizing wedding bands or crafting bespoke custom-made pieces for a special gift. Our expert gemmologists having dedicated years to study and understand diamonds take advantage of their knowledge to guide you through the diverse grades and sizes and help you handpick the best to fit your budget. You can also determine your stone’s region or countries of origin as we are here to help you make an informed decision. Schedule a virtual consultation today with our Diamond Experts and get help choosing the right stone for you!

The second part of the system, which is to set the stone in jewelry, is equally important. Devji, with its legacy of craftsmanship and understanding of client aspiration, has designed an intuitive and smooth in-store experience where the clients can find the perfect match and also become an integral part in crafting their own jewelry.